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Best Prices for our users

We are value your money, we give you best service with the affective prices.

Affordable Driver

We have verified / qualified driver which trains under with us.

In single app book driver and car

You can hire your personal driver (Manual / Automatic) and car.

Who we are ?

We’re one of the fastest growing rental services for Car, Cab and Drivers – All Under Single Terminal!

With an intention to offer the safest and most convenient Pan India transportation solution to our customers/travelers/tourists or anyone, we, at KS Transfer, offer for rental services all over India from any place to any other location at a cost-effective rate. Our punctuality, professionalism, and availability are our USP.

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What we provide for users

We are having large number of cars and driver, we provide you all together in single app with the attractive discount.

  • Best price to compare the market
  • On Time Pickup and drop
  • All cars available for you go to to the app and check.
  • Attractive discount and coupon code.
  • We are open for local and outside.
  • Book your ride and hire personal driver

What we provide for our KS partners

  • Lot of booking for cars and Drivers
  • Very good earning amount in the month
  • Weekly payment option
  • Digital payment options
  • Guidance meeting, work as you want
  • Manage your schedule and work anytime.

We provide you both services in signle app, here from KS partner you can register your vehcle, start earning from today.

The KS transfer will help you to find all types of cars, and you can find driver for offices, outside trip, local hire. We have alos temp Travlar services you can send your requirement by the email, we will get back to you for any assistence within 2 hours.

We are in 12 Cities, coming soon with more places we will be everywhere.

We almost over 2000 clients with the very good feedback

We are strong with the number of 200 employees, we are expanding team.

We are with the very good brand

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  • 12 12 We coverd city and soon with many more
  • 2k Happy clients with positive feedback
  • 200 Our employee
  • 6 Partner with Brand

Checkout how the KS Transfer will work.

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